Monday, January 6, 2014

Windy Winslow


Winslow, AZ.  Unfortunately we were too busy to do any “Standin’ on a Corner,” but our good friends from Acoustic Amateurs Anonymous in Pittsburgh dedicated “Take it Easy” to us to commemorate our arrival.  We were in Winslow for a wedding.  It was one of the few plans we had set in stone at the outset of the trip, a date we anchored our travels around.  The bride, Kim, is actually my good friend Derek’s ex-wife.  They’ve stayed remarkably civil over the years since their divorce in the name of raising their three small children.  Amy and I always tell them they are the model couple for divorcing with kids if there is one.

My kids felt strangely compelled to watch the bride as she made her way down the aisle.  It was like they somehow grasped the enormity of it, the event that creates families and, often, new life.  

I had a good time socializing with my old buddy, but we left the reception fairly early on since we had the dogs in the car.  The weather was cold and the streets felt deserted in the leaden Saturday afternoon.  We picked up food on the way back to the room and enjoyed what was to be our last night of watching Cartoon Network cloistered off from the noise and realities of the world outside.

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