Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where you wondering if we were ever going to leave?

Played ball with Frank and Crazy 8 (my new nickname for him) with the bouncy ball I got them at the Dollar Store.  Everyone thought it was pretty funny the way Frank went after that ball.  Later I told Jenny and Owen I needed to have some Puddin’ time before we left.

Ava and Valerie had been up late the night before making paper animals so this morning they tried to sell some of them around the neighborhood.   They made a homemade sign and waved it at cars after having an economics related conversation with me about where they wanted to set the price.  Eventually they decided the price would be negotiable; people could pay what they thought was fair.  I thought this was pretty cool and told them how I heard a band called Radiohead had done the same thing with one of their albums.
It was too rainy to get much in the way of sales especially on a weekday so I made a bulk buy to help them out.

It was hard to say good-bye to our friends.  I could never have imagined what good care they would take of us during our time there.  I really felt like it was much more of a home than any of the hotels we have stayed in thus far.  It was so great to spend time with them and watch how kindly they parented all of their sweet babies.  Each of their kids made a big impression on us too. 

It was Evan that pointed out that we had said good-bye over ten times at that point so we figured we ought to really drive away.
We had sort of a late start since there was no checkout time to get us going at the Vaughn house.  Unfortunately the weather got pretty bad as soon as night fell.  Lots of rain and I-5 was unbelievably dark for it being an Interstate.  We made plans to stop at a Motel 6 and then saw this super cool place called “The Ranch” next door.

Yes indeed those A frames are loft style suites and even have a couch on the main floor.  The kids were pretty excited about the set up.  The lady who ran the place only charged us for two of the dogs.  She proudly showed me how she had turned the swimming pool into a koi pond.

Later I walked across the parking lot and ordered dinner to go from The Ranch restaurant which was a real diner and lounge, complete with a few tired slot machines and those round tables that have low slung chairs with wheels that you only find in bars that are referred to as lounges.  The food was seriously good too.  Unfortunately Juniper was feeling a little sick.  She slept a good part of the evening and complained of a tummy ache.  She had a mild fever but thankfully we did not have to worry about her getting parvo! Whenever she feels sick or sad she always manages to find a large dog to cuddle.


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