Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's In Your Wallet?

Frank and 8 ball and Sully and Juni played whiffle ball in the front yard.  Frank is obsessed with balls.  He loves to chase and chew them and bark at anyone who withholds their pleasure from him. 

I didn’t want him to pop any of Rex’s bouncy balls so I picked the whiffle ball.  Sully and Juniper took turns hitting it while Frank played outfield and chased them down.  Sullivan was proud to hit a couple over the front yard fence and proclaimed they had gone out of the park.  I agreed.

Today’s toy was Lincoln logs.  Somehow they had picked up the exact same set I had as a kid.  I recognized it from the high quality wood they don’t use anymore, to the green wooden roof slats, to the Pony Express sign.  I went from kid to kid until I could find one that was interesting in participating in or at least watching the building process so it wouldn’t be quite so obvious that I was doing it just for my own enjoyment.  Sullivan agreed and seemed pretty interested in how everything went together.  

Later we took four of the dogs for a walk (Abigail likes to relax at home most of the time) and Amy had a lot of fun throwing the ball for Ginger.  Owen had one of those plastic things that picks up the ball without getting slobber on your hands and helps you chuck it like 60 yards.  Frank was never much of a fetcher but maybe 8 Ball will be interested when he gets a little older.

Towards the end of the day I made time for a shower.  This is what I found in my pockets.

One extremely useful pocketknife purchased from Cabela's as a discounted floor model
One keychain with a bottle opener that used to bear the image of ASU's Sparky but has long since been worn down to the metal
5 paper animals drawn and cut out by my wonderful daughter
1 junior ranger patch from the Washita Creek Battlefield in Oklahoma that belongs to my son
a necklace
a plastic building toy thingie
a broken bracelet (I'm not sure if I should try to fix it or if Juniper has already forgotten about it so I'm holding onto it for  now to see if she asks about it.)
a receipt
a list of things to do
a neon green pen which belongs to my daughter that I'm holding hostage since writing utensils are so hard to come by when you really need them
an alien paratrooper from the Roswell alien museum
a marble
an empty Doritos bag (not a hoarder, just didn't want to litter it)
a dog treat
Notice there is no money whatsoever in there.

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