Saturday, January 4, 2014

Viva Las Vegas! (well for a minute anyway)

After many hours on the road over the last few days it felt good to take it easy.  We spent some time at the pool and watching shows in the room.  That night we decided to take the kids down to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip.  We took the hotel shuttle to Harrah’s and walked through the casino to get to the main drag.  Once there we got our picture with Elmo.  It was free because ever since Amy and I went to Jamaica earlier this year I have a policy that I don’t pay people who offer things like they’re free beforehand and then negotiate a payment halfway through.  Sorry, Elmo, try hittin’ up Cookie Monster for a few bucks.

I told the kids we could walk to the big indoor fish tank at Caesar’s first or the Treasure Island Pirate Ship.  From there we planned to take a cab to see a show at Circus Circus.  The kids voted for Caesar’s which was about a ten minute walk from Harrah’s.  I mean, what’s to see at Harrah’s?  It’s not Vegas without a theme and/or gimmick in my book. 

Three enormous pictures of the entertainment adorn the front of the Caesar’s entrance: Celene Dion and two others I can’t remember.  Might have been the Osmonds; they were at like three different casinos.  I’m guessing they’re trying to cash in on the last few people living who actually know who they are.  At any rate Ava took one look at the pics and said, “Those people look weird.”  “Hmm.  They sure do,” I agreed.  In Celene’s defense I don’t think a 60 foot high picture of me would look very good either.

We were only inside Caesar’s for about ten minutes before we got a phone call from La Quinta.  It seems there had been some complaints about a howling dog.  Hmmmm.  Apparently our visit to the strip was going to be dramatically abbreviated.  Just before we got in the shuttle to go back I told Amy that was the shortest and cheapest trip I ever made to the Las Vegas strip.

Back at the room 8 Ball was a little frantic.  Sorry, neighbors, but what were you doing in your Las Vegas room at 8 PM anyway?  I mean, even if you’re a Gamblers Anonymous member at least go lay by the pool or something.  Live a little. 

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