Saturday, January 4, 2014

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters

Today we drove south through Redwood National Park.  I had really been looking forward to seeing the ancient, enormous trees shrouded in mist but I got in a big fight with the wife so that sort of tainted things.  I suppose we were due after all these days on the road.    I’m not going to go into detail here.  Let’s just say there’s hardness in my heart that feels as old and immobile as those trees.  I bury it deep where the people I love won’t have to experience it, but sometimes I wake in the morning to find it unearthed, bared for the world to see.  I lose perspective in those moments.  I forget the things that make me who I am and I honest and truly just want to destroy everything around me.

I realized how ridiculous the argument was as we wound our way through the silent trees, thousands of years old, so strong they stand motionless in the most powerful winds.  Everything human thrashes with the futility of a half-devoured gazelle.  Every moment spent on unhappiness is a wasted one.  After all, what else is there but those moments?

We finally ended up in a weird little town called Arcata, CA, just south of Redwood National Park.  The Motel 6 was packed with a variety of hippie kids “traveling” with their dogs.  The room smelled like a marijuana farm.  No, maybe a High Times pot contest might be a better comparison.  A good portion of the domestically produced marijuana in the US comes from northern California.  I’m guessing a decent sized percentage comes from good ol’ Arcata, unless it was just coincidence there was such a high crusty per square foot concentration.  (If you’re not familiar with the term “crusty” please read my book, available via the link to the right of this blog.)

Juniper still felt pretty sick for most of the day.  I went on a fast food run late in the evening when she finally got her appetite back and had a craving for a Taco Bell Taco.  Yes, crunchy tacos are comfort food for lil June Bug.  Everyone needed some comfort food by the end of that day.

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