Saturday, January 4, 2014

Devils stomp the Beavs

Lasagna!  Yeah baby!  Today somebody busted out Rex’s wooden railroad tracks and Ava and Sully and I got caught up building an enormous train track just like we used to back in the old Kenmont days.  Rex seemed to appreciate it though he made some minor additions of his own.

Today was the Oregon State/Arizona State game.  ASU has been having a great year and it has probably been over five years since I’ve watched a college football game so I was excited when Owen invited me out to watch at a new place that opened up just down the street from him called Beer :30. 

The place was small: stools at the bar, room for three tables in front of those, and a medium sized tv to watch the game.  The concept, however, was huge.  They had around 30 brews on draft, all of them craft beers and almost all of them from Oregon.  The beer selection was listed on two enormous flat screens above the bar, both of them bigger than the tv interestingly enough.  The screen listed the IBUs (international bittering units) and alcohol content for each beer so you could make your choices accordingly.

We ordered two sampler trays and I tasted them in ascending order of bitterness.  If you’re not familiar with IBUs it’s a nice guide for how much hop bitterness you can expect to taste when you are brewing beer or buying a beer you are not yet familiar with.  The tv screen even had a picture of a little keg so you could see how close to empty each selection was. 

Needless to say we had a good time and it didn’t hurt that the Sun Devils stomped OSU.  The guy sitting next to me at the bar had a bike helmet sitting next to his bowl of peanuts and one of those really cynical senses of humor that affects sports fans with chronically losing teams: think Detroit Lions or Pittsburgh Pirates fans before this last season.  He engaged us in a rather elaborate conversation about the c word that so many women find abhorrent.  He was trying to determine why people find that word so much more offensive than similar slang for that as well as other parts of the human anatomy.  Funny guy.

When we got home we played video games with Evan and Colby until VERY late in the evening.      

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